Marla Mason
Sorcerer. Crime Boss. Badass.

Free Stories About Marla Mason

Want a taste of what Marla’s all about? Here are several free stories, some in text form, some as podcasts.


Stories about Marla:

Prequel novel Bone Shop (2009).

Ill Met in Ulthar” in Witches, March 2012. [Or listen at Podcastle]

Little Better than a Beast” in Those Who Fight Monsters, April 2011.

Grander than the Sea” in The Solaris Book of New Fantasy, December 2007.


Not directly about Marla, but about other characters from her world:

“Ghostreaper, or, Life After Revenge” in Nightmare, January 2014. (About the chaos witch Elsie Jarrow from Grim Tides)

“Happy Old Year” in print and audio at Drabblecast, December 2013. (More of Elsie)

A Cloak of Many Worlds” [chapbook], September 2012. (About Bradley Bowman, former apprentice of Marla’s, who became… something more)

“Life in Stone” in audio at Escape Pod, August 2006. (About the assassin Mr. Zealand from novel Poison Sleep)