I have a lot of people to thank for this one. My wife Heather Shaw, of course, is first, for her tremendous support in helping me find the time (between parenting and a full-time job) to write this book. Thanks also go to Dan Dos Santos (who painted the cover art for six previous Marla Mason books!) for suggesting illustrator Lindsay Look to create a painting of Marla for this book. Thanks to Anne Rodman, the producer tirelessly working on bringing Marla Mason to the big (and little) screen, for renewing her option on the series and providing my family with enough money to take a vacation/research trip to Hawai’i. Jenn Reese and Cameron Panee gave me advice on martial arts and general violence-related matters. My copyeditor Elektra Hammond saved me from quite a few continuity errors and awkward phrases. John Teehan of Merry Blacksmith Press has agreed, once again, to produce the trade paperback print version (as he did for Broken Mirrors). Many of my writer friends, and longtime readers, spread the word about this novel, for which I’m eternally grateful.

And, of course, my biggest thanks go to the donors. This book would not exist without the generous individuals who gave money to me directly, or through my Kickstarter campaign: Diana Potter, Matt Yoshikawa, Alexa Spears, His Royal Splendidness Greg van Eekhout, Mur Lafferty, Samuel Montgomery-Blinn, Christian Decomain, Michael Jasper, William Shunn & Laura Chavoen, Dave Lawson, Deborah Schumacher, Ori Shifrin, Atlee Breland, Lianna Tepp, Jon Hansen, Steven Desjardins, Tiffany Baxendell Bridge, Zorknot Robinson, Natalie Luhrs, Julia Gammad, Holly Shaw, Ted Brown, Anna Enzminger, Sarah Householder, Wendy Fisher, Gary Singer, Ben Esacove, Sara, Allen Edwards, Rachael Squires, Jeffrey Reed, Ron Jarrell, Alexa Gulliford, Sharon Wood, Joshua Day, Kendall Bullen, Pedro Manuel Arjona, Dean Roddick, Scott Drummond, Max Kaehn, David Martinez, Steve Feldon, JR Vogt, Keith Garcia, Philip Adler, M.K. Carroll, Enrica Prazzoli, Samantha Roshak, Tara Smith, Sheilah O’Connor, Kristel Downs, Lexie Cenni, Hugh Berkson, Bill Jennings, Besha Grey, Keith Schon, Heidi Berthiaume, Tina Mosca, Paul Boros, Tom Bridge, Jeanette Marsh, Kerim Friedman, Shirley Darch, Eric Altmyer, Tammy Thaggert, Adam Caldwell, Rick Cambere, Arachne Jericho, Claire Connelly, André Twupack, Claudia Sadun, Ian Mond, Dmitri, Deborah Vause, Jon Eichten, Edward Greaves, Cinnamon Davis, Catherine Waters, Susan, C.E. Murphy, Dave Thompson, Michelle Ossiander, L Wong, Russ Wilcox, Mick, Jeffrey Huse, Kristin Bodreau, Raul Francisco, Rob Hemstreet, Jason Wilson, C.C. Finlay, Marius Gedminas, Michael Jacob, Rachel Sanders, Armi Gerilla, Arlene Parker, Neil Graham, John Hathway, Alanna Maloney, David Raynes, Paul R Smith, Maureen Soar, Elektra Hammond, Renee Diane LeBeau, James M. Yager, Clara Asuncion, Ann Pino, Amanda Fisher, John Teehan, Jeanne Kalinowski, Linda Wood, Topher Hughes, Gann Bierner, Crystal Landry, Ben Fisher, Conor P. Dempsey, Mike Schwartz, Laura Cox, Jonathan Dean, Cori Lynn Arnold, Lindsay Stalcup, Danika Hadgraft, M.D. Spangler, Alan Yee, Paul Echeverri, Lilia Schwartz, Elias F. Combarro, Glyph Lefkowitz, Meredith Fletcher Hines, Tony James, Denise, Joeseph Felt, Arun Jiwa, Greg Kinney, Donald Mayne, Stephen Courson, Scott LeBeau, quiltingkitty, Lalith Vipulananthan, Margaret Klee, Tara Rowan, Bryan Sims, Kevin Hogan, Danielle Benson, Elaine Williams, Melissa Tabon, Jim Kirk, Rodelle Ladia, Paul Bulmer, Anton Nath, Jeremy, Davis, Kris, Ro Molina, Nellie Batz, Amy Gentilini, David Bennett, Sam Courtney, Mihir Wanchoo, Jess Jacob, Sarah Heitz, Rebecca Harbison, Danielle Van Gorder, Suzanne McLeod, Michael Bernardi, Kylee Livingston, Judy, Marguerite Kenner, Jonathan Spence, Juli McDermott, Kurt Miles, Jon Freestone, Jenn Reese, Dan Percival, Chris Baclayon, Sean Havins, Scott Blizzard, Sean Elliott, Josh Haas, Jamie Dawn Hickok, Kathlyn Payne, Von Welch, Keith Weinzerl, Athena Holter-Mehren, Danielle Daly, Joey Shoji, Katherin Douglas, Rion Wentworth, Nathan Bremmer, Jan WIldt, Russell Fry, Jordan Miller, Chris Kastensmidt, Gene Girard, Lynne Whitehorn, Jennifer Sparenberg, and Susan Carrasco.

I hope you all like this one. It’s my favorite Marla novel yet.

(If I got your name wrong, or if you donated and I failed to include you, comment and I’ll correct it straightaway.)

  • Rachael Squires

    December 29th, 2011


    One of the best investments I made in 2011, can’t wait for the book Tim!! Much love xx

  • Danika

    January 3rd, 2012


    It would be grand if you put my surname as well as my first name: Danika Hadgraft.

    Cheers & apologies for delay (I was away on hols).


  • admin

    January 3rd, 2012


    Of course, Danika, and thanks!

  • Athena Holter-Mehren

    May 17th, 2012


    Thank you so much for including me. Glad to be a part of this.

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